February 5, 2018

For 2018, we will have just one stabling option - the two barns at WEC, which is 58 stalls including the portable stalls in the main barn.

The CESHS/MHSA Regional schedule for WEC for 2018 will include a two-show weekend in May, a two-show weekend in June, a two-show weekend in July, and a two-show weekend in September. This is the same schedule as 2017.

The stall reservation form is available for download on the website - wicomicoequestriancenter.org - or we can e-mail it to you. No reservations will be accepted by hand delivery. At this time, we have remaining stalls but expect them to go quickly. If you are interested, get your payment in soon.

The reservation must be accompanied by payment in full for the stalls. The cost for the full season will be $275.00, plus a $25 cleaning deposit, so that the check will be $300.00 per stall. The deposit will be refunded if the stalls are stripped after use (all barns). Due to events which will be at the facility between the July shows and the September shows, the stalls in both barns will need to be cleaned after the July shows and again after the September shows.

Once we have received paid reservations, we will refund the payment only if we are able to rent the stall(s) to another exhibitor.

Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of stalls and we often turn away prospective renters. Having the stalls filled with exhibitors benefits the shows and the exhibitors. We ask that you reserve only the number of stalls you will fill. We also ask that you use the stalls for horses, rather than tack stalls. We understand plans change, particularly when working with horses, but remind everyone that the horse that stays home as it did not have a stall may be the one that would have filled your class or division.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact any Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd board member or e-mail us at wec.equestrian@live.com

Thank you,

Rand Thaw, President
home 410-835-2070
cell 443-614-7891
Wicomico Equestrian Club participates in the
Southern States S.H.O.W. program.
Turn in each of your feed bag coupons to WEC and we get $.25 for each toward show expenses.
$.25 can add up quickly to $50 or more from each supporter.
Give your coupons to any WEC Board Member or leave at the show office.


Officers (2016-17)

Rand Thaw
​35175 Poplar Neck Rd
Pittsville MD 21850

Marianne Roth

Bishopville MD 21813

Erin Bryan
Fruitland MD 21826

Jennifer Phillips
Salisbury MD

Facility Coordinator:
Ginny Morris
Salisbury MD 21804



​Amie Blackwell

Amy Smith

​Annie Parkes

Denise Thomas

​Ginny Morris

Janice Ferneyhough

Jenifer Rayne

​Jennifer Clayton

​Jo-Ann Lewis

Liz Anderson

​Marianne Roth

​Saundra Miller

Stanley Morris

Tiffany Wolfe

Wicomico Equestrian Center

Jump needs for 2018

We often get questions about what is needed to keep the equestrian center going and what those in the horse community can do to help. We have three things that are our "jewels in the crown": our lovely facility, our beautiful barn, and our jumps. The facility and the barn are primarily maintained by the Parks Division of Wicomico County, at our expense.

The jumps - maintenance and purchase - fall soley on Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd. You may see us asking for help to repair, wash, and paint/stain jumps. We also need to replenish the supply. We always need more jumps than the courses take so that we have spares and so the course designer can have some flexibility. Wooden jumps wear out from the eleemnts and use. Some of our jumps are over twenty years old. To keep our inventory up, we need to spend a minumum of $1,500 per year on new jumps (plus the expense of maintenance. In our first two years as a Club, we have spent only a fraction of that as the funds were not in the bank. Below are a guide to what we need and where you can help..

Critical: $1,075.50

One brown gate - to replace one that fell apart this summer. Rand has purchased lumber, will need stain and screws in spring (approx $30 more).

One pair gray walls. $300.00
One pair beige walls. $300.00
- Our plywood walls are in rough shape. We lost one pair for 2017, which we replaced with a free-standing picket to be more economical for the year. We really need four pairs of each color wall (gray, beige, brick) to cover both rings. We are good on brick for now. For 2018, we can get by with two new pair and then another two pair in 2019.

Twelve jump poles. $420.00.
- Our beige/natural color poles are almost gone.

Near critical: $510.00

Two picket type gates - white. $150.00 each.
- We have four of these that are in poor condition and have been repaired as much as they can be repaired. We need to replace two in 2018 and the other two in 2019 or 2020.

Six more jump poles $210.00
- To provide reserves. We have had reserves until recenty, but used all up in 2017.

Need: $2,100.00

Two gates $150.00 each.
- We often lose a gate/picket during the summer. We have a good supply now, but need to keep them updated.

Two white pickets - discussed above. $150.00 each.

Two pairs of walls - discussed above. $300.00 each.

Wing standards - three pair. $300.00 per pair.
- Some of our wings are from our opening in 1993. Another group is only one or two years newer. They are getting worn/rotted and there is a need to get a replacement started. It takes three pairs of standards to complete a normal show line (vertical in, oxer out). It takes about 30 pair to set nice courses in both rings with Derby options, etc. We have six pair that are relatively new. We have another seven pair that are in good condition, and a pair of pillars that are good. That is 14 pairs. After that, the quality trails off.

Wish List:

Pillars with matching wall/picket combo. $700 to $750.

Three new pairs of standards per year. $900.00

New trailer for jumps. $1,200 to $1,500.
New trailer for flower boxes, etc. $800 to $1,200.


Wicomico Equestrian Club Jobs.

​We often get questions - What does the board do? What can I do? Please attend our board meetings - they are open to all, though only BOD members can vote. We would love to hear your input. Below are a few of the many jobs we have:

President - preside over meetings, appoint committees.

Secretary - minutes from meetings.

Treasurer - balance bank statements, pay bills - including shows, handle deposits, maintain receipts, etc, etc, etc.

Barn/stall rentals -
Order shavings -
Order end of year prizes -

Show secretary - prepare programs for May, June and July shows, pre-entries for all shows, set up computer for all shows, judges cards all shows, report results to CESHS and to MHSA.

Show Managers - Ginny Morris/May, Stanley Morris/June, Leslie Persans/July. Prepare show program/schedule. Hire judges and stewards. Hire ring help, office help, announcer, farrier, etc. Arrange food booth. Submit association applications. Facilitate course design. Obtain sponsors, prizes. Publicize show. ETC, ETC, ETC.

Tack Exchange - coordinate rentals, obtain amenities needs (such as port-a-pots), publicize.

Labor coordinator - the young workers who handle the heavy lifting.

Parks department liaison - includes maintenance other than jumps.

Junior Board Coordinator -

CESHS liaison -

Contracts/rental agreements -
Work with renters - shows and otherwise -
Insurance -
Corporate maintenance -
Jump maintenance -
Jump purchases -
Jump painting coordinator -.
Website -
Facebook -

​Office - cleaning, organize

Fundraising - need head of both overall and of individual activities.
Historian - need to fill.