Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd.
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June 13, 2019

We had a successful May show and look forward to seeing you in June and July. The June program is available under "upcoming events."

We are also offering daily high score awards at the June shows - see the form under that page of this website.

If you are not using all your stalls for June, please let Ginny Morris know and we can probably re-rent for the weekend.

Remember that due to events which will be at the facility between the July shows and the September shows, the stalls in both barns will need to be cleaned after the July shows and again after the September shows.

We accept the deposits at the end of the year as a donation, but it is not a requirement. If you wish to have your deposit refunded, and have completed the two complete cleanings, please let us know by October 8, 2019. Any unclaimed deposits will be considered a donation.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact any Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd board member or e-mail us at wec.equestrian@live.com

Thank you,

Rand Thaw, President
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cell 443-614-7891
As part of our transition to Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd having total financial responsibility for the future of our own organization, we are revamping our WEC awards program. We hope you have enjoyed the year-end prizes but it came to a point where the prizes were too high a part of our membership income. We had to either change the program or significantly increase membership fees, and chose the first.

Continuing in 2019, we are doing individual show high score awards. For the five shows operated by Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd, which starts with Sunday, May 19, we will be offering two grand prize awards at each show - one for adult and one for junior. Stay tuned for more details, but here is the gist:

- At each show, you must enter to be eligible and you must be a WEC member.
- You will pick the classes - in advance of them running - that you want to count toward the award for that day, with a maximum to be specified.
- You can change the classes from show to show - each show stands alone.
As many of you know, we had a significant re-organization with how Wicomico Equestrian Center is operated. Instead of being run by an advisory board for Wicomico County, the facility is now leased by a non-profit - Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd.
From the outside, exhibitors will see very little difference.
From the inside, we have one major difference - money. Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd must raise all the funds to operate, with no safety net. We recently came face-to-face with this when deciding about the purchase of new jumps for the show courses. Part of the board was ready to move forward, as we anticipate the income, while part wanted to wait until the funds were in the bank. Decisions like this will come up a lot in the first couple of years, until we build our own safety net.

That is where you come in. We are coming to you with our hat in our hand. Please consider a donation, a sponsorship, a billboard - whichever you feel comfortable with. We also ask that you go to our website, download a membership form, and send that in. Together we will continue to grow the Club and, in turn, our wonderful equestrian facility.
Thank you for your consideration.

Rand Thaw
President, Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd.
P.O. Box 5043
​Salisbury MD 21802
Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd
What is Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd?
​Stay tuned for more information as we re-develop our website.
​The short answer is that as an exhibitor you will see very little difference.
​While Wicomico Equestrian Center was previously operated by a volunteer board under the auspices of Wicomico Recreation, Parks & Tourism, the facility is now being leased by Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd. The new Club is comprised of the same directors and maintains similar goals. Stay tuned for meeting information and you can come help with the development and future of this new venture.

We welcome 2019 memberships at any time.
See the membership form on the appropriate tab above.

​For information about shows and activities in 2019, see "upcoming events" on this website.
For more information about 2019 stabling, go to "Board Members & WEC Business."

Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd
Mission Statement:
To foster and enhance community interest and knowledge in equestrian activities.

We hope to create a better website. We welcome your suggestions, articles, photos. You may send them to wec.equestrian@live.com

Contact Information:

Physical Location
Wicomico Equestrian Center
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Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd.
P.O. Box 5043
​Salisbury MD 21802

Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd is operating your facility. We would like to have your help in keeping it moving forward. Our next board meeting will be in early September. You are welcome, even if not on the board. And who knows, you may find that you want to join the board.

Wicomico Equestrian Center is owned by the county, but is now leased to a non-profit Club. The show rentals and fundraisers throughout the year pay the lease, the Club expenses to operate the facility, and the costs of jumps and other needs. The funding of Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd will continue to come from the dedicated work of Board members, show managers, volunteers, and individual memberships.

The various events during the year represent many riding disciplines and support many local organizations, such as CESHS, Peninsula Dressage, Sussex 4-H, Salisbury 4-H, and the shows run by the Club. Through the dedication of many, Wicomico Equestrian Club Ltd will continue to provide not only a high quality show grounds, but a gathering place for the local equestrian community. Come out and visit the facility and enjoy your days at WEC!

Have you ever wondered?

If you wonder why WEC does or does not do certain things at the facility, check out this question and answer sample.
Located just minutes from downtown Salisbury, Maryland, Wicomico Equestrian Center is Delmarva's premier show facility.

Situated on 18 acres in Winterplace Prk, Wicomico Equestrian Center's facility offers four large rings - two of which are irrigated grass and two are sand rings. The grass rings are each approximately 60,000 square feet and separate schooling areas. The main barn offers 42 stalls with pine walls, sliding doors, and rubber flooring. There is and additional 10 stall barn with metal gates which has been recently refurbished.

In addition, WEC can provide three full jump courses, standard dressage letters and fencing, and trail obstacles. The grounds include an integrated sound system, event registration building, parking for numerous horse trailers and vendors, and eight electric hook-ups for campers.

Since 1993, Wicomico Equestrian Center has opened its doors to horse people from Delmarva and beyond. Local equestrian events draw from a large demographic mix and a variety of disciplines. WEC rents the facility to groups for equestrian or agricultural events. New groups are welcome. The volunteer board which operates the facility also manages several horse shows at the facility.

WEC would like your input on the development of the facility and events. Send your suggestions to